This blog is about adoption, schools and anything else that comes to mind. The blog’s title, Learning to Fly, is inspired by the Pink Floyd song. The title conveys the central themes of mastering something and growing up, as well as a sense of direction towards achievement, freedom, or even joy and happiness.

The lyrics of the song itself also resonate with the ambivalence and struggles many adopted children and their families (in the broadest sense) experience on their journeys, both together and individually. The lyrics reflect a sense of longing and (not) belonging, of transition, and of – the fear of – being lost (without navigation). The song really captures the mixed feelings of being ‘grounded’, stuck and predestined, whilst at the same time being determined, excited, hopeful and aspiring.

About me

I am an adoptive parent of two. With a background in law, I’ve worked in various capacities for voluntary, academic and legal organisations (including in Court), usually on intersecting equality issues (asylum, gender, LGBTQ, religious and ethnic minorities, adoption).

I am the main author of CoramBaaf’s Good Practice Guide ‘Recruiting, assessing and supporting lesbian and gay adopters‘ (2015), which was distributed to all adoption agencies in the UK, along with a set of pamphlets for birth parents, children, foster carers, panel members and social workers on the same topic.

My academic profile and other publications can be seen here.